Tifosi Bronx NTOA Tested & Recommended


The Tifosi Bronx was evaluated by members of NTOA and the S.W.A.T. community and received great reviews for its light weight, superior lens quality, and good looks. To follow are two reviews, one from an officer in Utah and one in Montana.





I have to admit, I had never heard of Tifosi Eyewear prior to receiving a pair of the Bronx Tactical sunglasses. Before I opened the package, I decided to do some company research. I didn’t want to form an opinion just based on the fact that I had never heard of them.

I found out that Tifosi is a very respected visual optics company that has been making eyewear for outdoor sports including running, biking, water sports and golf. Tifosi is now an emerging competitor in the tactical/shooting market.

I received a pair of the Bronx Tactical Eyewear. They were packaged in a semi-rigid, woven nylon case. Inside the case were the glasses, cleaning cloth/bag and warranty information. I like the fact that they included both the cloth and the semi-rigid case for storage. I personally like the ability to attach the harder case to my kit without worry of my breaking the glasses. The frames are made of a matte black polymer and the lenses are smoke-colored. Both the lenses and the frames are safety rated to ANSI Z87.1 Safety Standards. The lenses are made of polycarbonate and are scratch and shatterproof.

I thought the glasses had a very nice fit due to the hydrophilic rubber ear and nose pieces. These features also prevented the glasses from slipping off my face during running and range drills. The optical quality of the lenses were above average clarity and did not distort even at peripheral angles. This was nice during live fire range and daily driving.

Overall, I was impressed with the Tifosi Bronx Tactical Eyewear. My biggest surprise was the retail price and lifetime warranty. At around $49, they’re a steal and will compete very well against maybe more well-known and more expensive tactical eyewear.

Design 4
Performance 4.5
Ease of Use 4Bronx Tactical_logo
Size 3.5
Quality 4
Durability 4
Storage 4

Versatility 4
Application 4
Comfort 4

Individual Score 4




(Note: this is not a photo of the reviewer)

I evaluated a pair of Bronx sunglasses from Tifosi. I am very picky about my eye wear; however these specs were a problem solver. My dilemma is that most sunglasses are too heavy, hurt behind my ears after long periods of use, don’t hold up to the rigors of law enforcement work and are usually expensive.

These Bronx are not the sunglasses normally marketed for cops. They are better. The Bronx came with a hard zippered case and a baby soft bag case that doubles as a cleaning cloth. The case nicely protects the Bronx when not in use and the cleaning cloth works fine. The first thing I noticed was that the glasses are incredibly lightweight. By far the lightest pair of sunglasses I have worn. This potentially was bittersweet. Lightweight is awesome but triggers thoughts of cheap and flimsy. That’s not the case here! These glasses are rated Z87.1, which is an OSHA standard for eye wear. This criterion focuses on hazards associated with eye protection. I can wear these sunglasses all day without any discomfort behind my ears or strain to my eyes. You pretty much forget they are there.

They have 100% UV protection and they block out the sun perfectly. My vision was clear with no distortion. I wouldn’t recommend looking directly at the sun… that hurt. These Bronx sunglasses have a good style too. They look professional in uniform and cool in blue jeans. I tested them on the firing range as my eye protection with no problem as well.

I placed them on the light bar of my duty vehicle and drove off; they rolled off the back and hit the pavement. I did this ten times and there no scratches. I skipped them down an asphalt road like a boy would skip a rock on the water. No scratches to the lens but the frame did show minor road rash. The fit is excellent; you can wear them all day in complete comfort. They stayed on my face throughout my shift. I also wore them during an outside PT session. They never came off and I was not wearing a strap.

I mowed the yard and ran my weed eater while wearing these glasses. They got covered with pieces of grass but cleaned nicely. These sunglasses are great for any activity where you need sunglasses. I highly recommend them and at a MSRP of $50; it’s almost “buy one get one free” when compared to similar brands!

Design 4
Performance 4
Ease of Use 4
Size 5
Quality 4.5
Durability 3.5
Storage 5
Versatility 4
Convenience 4
Application 4.5
Comfort 5
Cleaning & Maintenance 4

Individual Score 4.33